New -ish gin the Irresistible Scandalous Hallmark

A luxury gin; classic-with-a-twist.
LLega a bristolbar en exclusiva para España durante este mes de Noviembre la definitiva London Dry Gin del mercado.
Hemos añadido un twist, un giro de modernidad al concepto tradicional que tenemos de la ginebra. –ish incorpora un toque extra de enebro.
Una receta equilibrada, sin excesos, con reminiscencia británica, versátil para dar vida a los Gin & tonics y Dry Martinis más auténticos.
Irresistible Scandalous Hallmark

[blockquote align=”left”]”the only things worth pursuing in life are beauty and fulfilment of the senses”, Oscar Wilde[/blockquote]
-ish is an attitude
bold yet stylish
always provoking
-ish needs no excuses
never apologises
very brit
“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”
Break the rules.
Launch yourself at morality and the bourgeois customs…because you aren´t conventional
All is not what it seems in –ish gin…..
A scandalous hallmark behind a mask of refinement
[blockquote align=”right”]-ish is distilled in the heart of London by The Poshmakers, housed in a stunning red bottle with a decadent Victorian look.[/blockquote]
A disorderly passion for pleasure
A pleasure for senses because “pleasure is the only thing one should live for. Nothing ages like happiness”
A luxury gin, classic-with-a-twist.

Modern -ish returns to a traditional London Dry style with-a-twist: an extra shot of juniper.

-ish is 5 times distilled, made from the highest quality English grain spirit and infused with twelve botanicals: the traditional juniper, coriander seed and angelica root blended with almond, orris root, nutmeg, cinnamon, cassia, liquorice, lemon peel and orange peel….

[blockquote align=”right”]”Give us the luxuries of life and we’ll dispense with the necessaries” Oscar Wilde[/blockquote]

A perfectly balanced recipe that provides a distinctive taste profile without any added infusions or flavours; the renaissance of a very brit-ish gin made for real gin & tonics and Dry Martini.

The smooth clean taste is result of the botanicals used in the distillation; it´s elegant on the nose and well structured on the palate with sweet citrus notes and an extra shot of juniper that makes –ish unique.

The Poshmakers